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Our Services

"Our team’s problem solving skills allow us to formulate a clearly defined plan for your individual project.  Together with the client, our team examines the issues that need to be addressed, evaluates all possible solutions including all conceivable outcomes, and selects the best solution including all details and implications, ensuring mutual success at completion."


The planning of a project acts as the foundation of a successful construction outcome. This crucial step in the construction process ensures smooth execution and showcases our problem-solving capabilities. At CDM we're passionate about acknowledging our clients' unique problems and planning out the best solution to ensure mutual success. Our pre-construction services include:

  • Evaluating potential sites for unique client requirements
  • Determining overall project budget
  • Establishing time parameters
  • Offering value engineering input and cost analysis
  • Coordinate with government agencies for right to build, grant incentives, permit and zoning approvals
  • Design recommendations for ease of construction
  • Materials selections with an eye towards building sustainability
  • Hire or partner with design consultants

Commercial Construction

Priding ourselves on our commitment to excellence, we are here for all of your commercial construction needs. We understand there isn't one singular solution to every client’s problem. That’s why we closely evaluate the situation and work alongside you to curate the best outcome for everyone. We are involved in every step of the process, eliminating complexity and ensuring the job gets done right.

Occupied Space Renovation

We are experts at phased construction strategies and execution. Renovating commercial space without impacting your staff or clients and keeping your business or tenants operational throughout the entire process is our priority. We understand that your business and tenants come first, and construction comes second. That's why we take into account the disturbance, dust, noise, etc. that comes along with a construction project and work to ensure your business and fellow tenants will be undisturbed. Our over 60+ years of combined experience proves our expertise when it comes to knowing and executing protected circulation pathways for personnel safety, relocating personnel into temporary swing-space, and pre-construction planning that is required to solidify the best possible results with minimal disruptions to our clients' business.

Construction Management

We are experts at construction management. We work closely with different consultants and send out RFP's to subcontractors to ensure no step in your construction process is overlooked. We even offer budgeting services to keep you on track financially.

Tenant Construction

Provide on-time and within budget construction.

Ground-up Construction

While occupied space is our specialty, we also have serious experience in ground-up construction. We pride ourselves on providing on-time and within budget projects to our customers. We are specialists when it comes to medical and commercial office buildings.

Facility/Property Management

Facility management is the key to the longevity of a business. From preventative maintenance to ensuring compliance and everything in-between, we offer facility management to help keep your business operating in perfect order. Our full list of facility maintenance services include:

  • Maintenance supervision
  • Ensure local government agency compliance for life-safety systems
  • Interior/exterior repairs
  • Day-to-day maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • CAD floor plan for personnel and systems furniture layout and updating
  • Systems furniture and employee relocations
  • Operational forecasting and budgeting
  • Commercial sewer and drain cleaning
    • Drain Snaking
    • Hydrojetting
    • Camera Inspection

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